ploting with resulted data

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ploting with resulted data

Postby » Fri Jun 10, 2005 02:25

I wnat to ploting eliptic scatter graph with tidal velocity and degree at each

grid point. Can do Mohid this? And acquire askii format hydoro dynamic or

waterqual result data. Can I do excute as like below graph with MOHID

post processor

- Eliptic scatter graph
- Hydro dynamic buoy tracing line
- Ploting time valiable velocity or degree component at any grid point
- Time valiable linear velocity vector diagram at any point.
(x axies(east)= Time, Y axies(north) = vel. magnitude, plot Line = vel+deg vector arrow line at each time interbal)
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Postby » Mon Jun 13, 2005 11:15


Mohid post-processor is not able to the graphics you described. When I want to do these kind of graphics I use Matlab. Basically I do time series outputs with Mohid. The times series are written in ASCII format and after I import the files to Matlab.

Just a request. In the future you should put your questions about Mohid post-processor in the forum dedicated to the Mohid GUI .

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