Tidal forcing

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Tidal forcing

Postby truchiga@gmail.com » Wed Oct 23, 2013 11:17

Hello Mohiders,

I'm a beginner in Mohid and in numerical modelling. Well, I'm trying to simulate a estuarine plume. For my 3 open boundarys (E, W, S) I'm using tidal forcing extracted from FES 2004.

First I choosed some points in my open boundarys, extracted the tidal components with success, then runned the model just fine and had satisfactory results. But then, I discover that I should choose points inside and outside my domain in a way that helps the triangulation interpolation. So, that's what I did, I choosed some new points (inside and outside my domain), extracted the tidal components also with success, but then when I try to run the model I got this error:

forrtl: error (72): floating overflow Image PC Routine Line Source
MOHIDWater_releas 00A674BD Unknown Unknown Unknown
MOHIDWater_releas 00B43DFE Unknown Unknown Unknown
MOHIDWater_releas 00B43DA8 Unknown Unknown Unknown
MOHIDWater_releas 00B4888C Unknown Unknown Unknown
MOHIDWater_releas 00B467BA Unknown Unknown Unknown
MOHIDWater_releas 00B54070 Unknown Unknown Unknown
MOHIDWater_releas 00A639CF Unknown Unknown Unknown
kernel32.dll 75523677 Unknown Unknown Unknown
ntdll.dll 77BD9F42 Unknown Unknown Unknown
ntdll.dll 77BD9F15 Unknown Unknown Unknown

My Courant Number is 1.025259, my time step is 5 seg and I'm doing a 2 month simulation with a grid that is 300x300m.
Can you help me ?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Tidal forcing

Postby melissacastera@gmail.com » Thu Dec 12, 2013 11:27

Hello Tainá,

You are right that points should be defined inside and outside domain.
I do not know how you defined the points, but when your domain has intertidal zones (intersection land-water), you should have special care in defining points as well at land: continue to select one or two land points at open boundaries.
As well, special care is needed when defining triangles. They should be closed.

Please apply these recommendations and comment results.


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