Module Porous Media- BOTTOM_FILE

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Module Porous Media- BOTTOM_FILE

Postby » Thu Sep 27, 2018 22:27

Hi, everyone

I´m trying to run a Permeable Watershed, I have followed the tutorial and the information in the FORUM.
But I have the following ERROR: :cry:

ReadInitialFileOld - ModulePorousMedia - ERROR02

I think It has to do with the BOTTOM_FILE, since I have created the BOTTOM_FILE from the TOPOGRAPHY. What I did was to substract -5m from TOPOGRAPHY. The value -5m, is consistent with my Geometry, I have 10 layers with a thickness of 0.5. When I check the file from the Tutorial (Trancao_Sample) I saw that the file is different from the one I have created.

Can someone help me? Is the ERROR related with the FILE, and How can I create the file with the same format, that the one in the Tutorial?
Thank you,

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