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Mohid submodel

Postby » Thu Jun 30, 2005 14:08

Thank you for your all my question

I want know making mohid submodel step by step.

Is it possible?
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Postby » Tue Jul 05, 2005 19:16


Sorry for the late answer but, it not easy to find time to write long answers.

In order for you to nest a submodel, you should do the following.

1) Setup the father model
2) Create a new bathymetry (with an horizontal grid in the same coordinate system as the father model)
3) In Mohid GUI, select the father model simulation, and add a new simulation (right-click... Insert Simulation). This adds a \"son\" model to the father model. A \"father\" model can have an ilimited number of \"son\" models. If you wish, you can insert \"grand-son\" models, by perfoming the same operation in a \"son\" model. Again ilimited number of \"grand-son\" models can be coupled. Limitation is defined by your computer capabilities.
4) Define the \"son\" model bathymetry in the newly created simulation.
5) In the son model, in Hydrodynamic data file please define the following options:

TIDE : 0 (water level and momentum are imposed directly at the boundary by the father model)

6) In every water property in WaterProperties data file please define the following options:

BOUNDARY_CONDITION : 5 (this means the property boundary condition is given by the father model. Nevertheless, you can still use any boundary condition you wan't : null flux, imposed value, null gradient, ...)

These operations should get you going. Best regards,

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